Monday..Oh Monday

Happy Monday Friends! Monday…oh Monday…I am exhausted but I can say I had a pretty good weekend! Exhausting but good! Now it is back to the grind and I can say I’m ready for Monday to be over with too. It’s time to go back to bed…
This weekend started with a very nice date Friday night. I got taken out to dinner and a movie. We went and saw Captain America 2! Sooo good! I totally recommend it.
Saturday was the Christian College Leadership Conference. I was at school all day! It was an awesome time! The speaker was Josh Riebock who I absolutely loved! He’s a story teller so the message were really captivating. It was really cool to be able to spend the day with next years staff too.

After the conference our new staff got together for about a 2 and a half hour brainstorming session. Halfway through we were all kind of fading and my awesome bosses brought us back slurpee’s and snacks. Totally the pick me up we all needed! The brainstorming session made me super excited to work with everyone. 

Sunday was spent shopping for dad with the family. Ofcourse my sister and I had to take a selfie!

Sunday my friend, Michael, came over and him, my sister, and I went to a park and played some basketball. Then we finished the evening by watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4. 
I’d say it was a lovely but packed weekend! Now back to the school grind. Only about 3 more weeks! It’s so crazy how fast it is all going by. 
How was your weekend? What did you do?


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