Midnight Madness

Hi Friends!
Life lately…or life since Monday anyway. I only have pictures this week from a very large event that happened at my school. Monday and Wednesday nights were are my only nights off this week. Tuesday was a large even that CBU puts on every year. It is called Midnight Madness. It is our way of introducing the basketball teams. 

We bring in a big rapper and give out lots of lights, and energy drinks. It is super fun!

However, the name alone gives you a hint of what a late night it is for us interns. We ended the night at around 12:30 playing a game before we all headed off. It was awesome to be apart of putting on a cool event for my fellow students!

So far that has been the main aspect of my week. I also have one big change to share with you. If you follow me on instagram or twitter then you all already know! 😉


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