Mexico City Travel Guide

Mexico City Travel Guide

This past Christmas I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico City. My boyfriends family travels for the holiday every year and this time around they chose Mexico City. While I didn’t plan the trip, we experienced so much that I definitely feel comfortable enough to share my travels and tips with you. I also saved everything to an Instagram highlight if you wanted to check that out.

Let me say this probably would not have been my first choice of a place to visit. While I love to travel and will take any opportunity Mexico City just wasn’t on my list. Overall, I am so blessed by the experience and it was a very cool place to visit.

Mexico City is actually rather large and is made up into neighborhoods. I pinned a lot of other travel guides that were separated on what to do in each neighborhood. However, we didn’t really travel that way. Uber’s were so easy to use that getting around was not a problem! Also getting to walk around the city was a great way to see it. I never felt unsafe, even at night. The city was actually rather quiet and peaceful during the day.

What We Did

Chapultepec Park

This park is huge! Like the Central Park of Mexico City. We wikipedia’d some facts about it while we were walking through it and it’s pretty great. So green! There’s lot of stuff to see in the park.

The first thing we did was see the Chapultepec Castle. It was at the top of the park with a great view of the surrounding city. I love any old building and this one was beautiful just the same.

The most popular museum in Chapultepec Park is Museo Nacional de Antropología. There’s lots of old artifacts, and you can learn about different civilizations. One catch for almost all the museums is that most signage is in Spanish. Google translate has an awesome feature that uses your camera to translate it though.

 Museo Nacional de Antropología

The House of Tiles

The House of Tiles, Mexico City

While this wall is gorgeous I was not a big fan of the area. This was in the neighborhood Centro Historico (basically the old city) and it was fulllll of people! I’m not sure if we came on a bad day or what but it was very crowded. I could not have imagined being in the Centro Historico at night.

Day Trip to Teotihuacan

Going out to the Teotihuacan ruins was one of my favorite parts of the trip. There are very few places in the world where ruins like this exist. They were like nothing I had ever seen before! These photos were at the top of the Moon Pyramid looking towards the Sun Pyramid. The Sun Pyramid is the main on and the biggest, while the view is amazing I’d honestly just climb the Moon Pyramid if you only have to pick one.

Moo's Musing Mexico City Teotihuacan

Mercado De Artesanias La Ciudadela

Mercado De Artesanias La Ciudadela

Shopping! This was the place to go. Basically everything you wanted to find was here. It’s like a big swap meet. I found that most of the prices booth to booth stayed the same. You could haggle down a few dollars but not very drastically.

Where To Eat

El churrero, Mexico City

Really just go look at the instgram highlight lol I could list out places, but it’d just be a list. We ate all over! Roma is one of the best neighboor hoods in Mexico City and would have tons of great and hip food options. However, there is great food everywhere!

Churreria el Moro is a super cute Churro spot (very IG worthy.

Mercado Roma was like a little food hall

El Tizoncito – this is a MUST! We went back twice it was so good. They claim to have created the taco al pastor

Things We Missed

Frida Kahlo’s House

Palacio de Bellas Artes – we walked by this, but didn’t go inside. It’s a very beautiful building!

Xochimilco – you can take a boat down the river and have lunch

What To Wear

What to wear in Mexico City

We visited Mexico City in December and it was still beautiful! During the day it was around 70-75 degrees. I was fine in a dress or skirt with a jacket. Remember you are at about 7000 ft so the elevation makes things a little colder. At night it got down to like 45 so I would always change into jeans and a heavier jacket.

I read that in summer it is basically the same (70 and sunny, but cold in the evenings). I believe though in summer it rains a lot more! So basically you’ll need a light jacket during the day and always a coat at night.

My favorite tip for clothing during travel is to buy one or two pieces from an inexpensive site (I used SheIn) and then mix in pieces you already have. SheIn graciously sent me the dress and skirt I wore along with the white top. I felt like these pieces were perfect for the location! You can use code, Q3moosmusing15, for 15% off your purchase too!


Uber – It’s the best way to get around! Super simple even if the driver doesn’t speak English.

You will need some pesos. If you buy anything from the market place you’ll need them, and some public restrooms require you to purchase toliet paper or pay before you enter.

I hope this is an obvious one, but don’t drink the water!

Immigration – When you arrive they give you a small slip of paper. The bottom portion of your immigration form, is required to exit the country.


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    My parents actually just went to Mexico City at the beginning of December I believe for like a week, and they also really enjoyed their trip. I would love to visit one day hopefully within the next year or so. Your photos are gorgeous!

    xo, Makaela

    1. Reply

      Such a cool place! I’d never really heard much about it before, but totally worth a trip.

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    I’m Mexican American and I’ve never been to Mexico lol Definitely on my bucket list. It looks and sounds amazing to visit one day.

    Erika Marie |

    1. Reply

      You totally gotta go! Such a cool place.

  3. Reply

    This looks like an incredible vacation!!

    1. Reply

      It was such a blast! Thanks for reading Kathleen.

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    After reading this I would LOVE to go here! I’ve honestly never thought much about visiting parts of Mexico that aren’t the beach resorts, but your trip looked incredible.

    xoxo A

    1. Reply

      Me either! I had never had a desire to go, but it was such a cool place to visit.

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