Meeting Someone

“Hi!” “Hello.” “My name is _________!” “My name’s Mariah, it’s nice to meet you.”
How often do we have these conversations with people? I can honestly say that I avoid this at all costs. Don’t go thinking I’m all rude, please! I promise if you introduce yourself to me I will be completely and utterly polite! However, I just don’t like meeting people. There’s that awkward moment of what do I say now? I can never seem to come up with enough questions to ask them or enough things to say about myself. So then there’s the awkward silence………….you get the picture. People are not my strong suit.
I know there are those people, and maybe one of them are you, who can talk to anyone! You are just ultra friendly and can fit in with anyone and everyone. That’s just not me. Like at all. I am more to the style of Mr. Darcy when he says, “I do not have the talent of conversing easily with people I have never met before.” I relate to him in that way!
Yet, here I am meeting people. Talking, and introducing myself. I still feel so awkward and completely out of my comfort zone. How do you know what to share with a person? I want to completely be myself, but whats to far? How do you know who to trust and who not to? There are so many factors that fall in to meeting someone. Whether you are meeting someone for the first time, whether a guy hits on you, or you just haven’t seen someone in a long time how do you know?!
Then there are those people where you don’t feel so awkward. Even in my awkwardness I feel okay. Those are the people I like to be around. The ones where you can be yourself and not be nervous. Yet, that horrible question of trust still plays in. How close do you get to a person you just met? 
So many factors. So much could go wrong. So much could go right.
How do you feel about meeting new people? Are you a people person?
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    I can completely understand where you're coming from! Although I love being around people and making new friends, those first encounters do make me feel so awkward – there just seems to be so much pressure to make a great first impression. However, once I have gotten to know a person and have become comfortable with them I have no problem being myself 🙂

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      Once I know you I am so talkative, but that getting to know a person stage is just so hard for me!

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