May Your Friday Sparkle!

Dear Friday, You are much needed. I am so happy that this week is over! It’s the weekend and I could not be more pumped!
Dear Weekend, I have no idea what you have in store for me. Yet, I really hope I enjoy myself!
Dear Midterms, I despise you. Also, one of you missed the memo that midterms were this week. Next week is not midterm week. I think that should mean that I do not have to take you!
Dear Weather, Thank you for the rain!! It is wonderful, and we really needed it!
Dear Mind, Mouth, and Heart, Will we ever learn to just shut up? This is something that I seriously could have learned like when I was much younger and it would have saved me a lot of arguments. Apparently it is something I still cannot get right.
Dear Birthday, 15 days!! AH! I am almost 20. 20! It is so weird! I’m started to get excited!

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