Matters Of The Heart

coffee heart latte

coffee heart latte
Being a blogger means that I am open about my life with my readers. Yes, I get to choose which parts of my life I share and which parts I don’t. However, I like to think that I am a pretty open person and I love reading a blog where the writer is transparent. It makes the reader feel closer to them. I love reading a blog where I feel like I’m best friends with the blogger even if I don’t actually know them, and that’s how I hope my readers feel and will continue to feel about me.

Transparency can be a little difficult sometimes though. Posting pretty much every aspect of my life means that it isn’t always glamorous, but it’s real. Sometimes we go through difficult times and trials in life. Sometimes we aren’t always pretty with our hair done and cute clothes. As much as I would like that to be real life. Sometimes we are bundled on the couch, tears streaming down our faces as we ugly cry. And that is just the way life goes. Even then though, there is beauty in the real-ness of life and comfort.

But even in those times when I am crying and heart broken I know that God is real and He is in control. So even when my plans and hopes for my life are spinning out of control I know I shouldn’t fear or fret. That being said, I wanted to share with my readers that Michael has chosen to move on from our relationship.

Yes, I am sad and hurt and confused. I’m not sure what good God is going to bring out of this trial but I know that there has to be some good in this. The wounds are still fresh, but I know that even when man fails me, that God will never forsake me. My hope must stand in him. Even when I am weak God will be strong for me and in me.


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