When It Goes On Sale The Next Day

Moo's Musing Floral Tee

Lush Floral Print Top Moo's Musing Nordstrom Shirt Cross Back Detail Top Moo's Musing Floral Tee Lush Cross Back Tee Moo's Musing Lush Tee

Being a fashion blogger I really do love to shop…or rather buy. I hate going shopping when I have no money to spend. I really do not enjoy that. However, something about me is that I always aim to find pieces to buy that are on sale. It’s very rare that I buy something for full price.

However, ya know when you get in one of those moods where you are going somewhere that you need to look cute for and a shirt you already own is not going to do it. At that point it’s like a mission to find a new outfit, and nothing is going to stop you until that mission is complete. Well when I went shopping last week that’s how I felt, I was on a mission and I found this adorable top! I loved the pattern, color, and fun little cross back detail. So even though it was full price I bought it, because I hadn’t fallen in love with anything else.

And then…the Nordstrom 40% off Sale hit and the shirt was on sale and here I am bummed I bought a shirt for full price, but still very much in love with it. So here’s your tip, go buy it now! It’s all on sale!


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