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If all of the fashion bloggers in the world were really honest I wonder what the ratio of actual clothes to sweats we actually wear would be. I mean I wear the majority of my clothes. I can’t think of a time I ever went to class in my pajamas, sweats, or leggings while in college. However, on a typical day the moment I got home I changed straight into comfy clothing. Once my day was over and I got to simply be at home it was all about being comfortable rather than cute. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t work from home every day or I would just stay in pajamas all the time.

There is something just wonderful about getting to have a night in. After a busy week I love to put on my sweats, grab some hot lemon water, light a candle, and maybe a book. Also totally random rabbit trail, but lemon water has so many benefits. It’s good for you skin, your immune system, and helps with digestion. Not to mention for people like my sister who don’t like water very much adding lemon gives it some sort of flavor. ┬áBut anyway, back to the clothes. I bought this flannel weeks ago and it is still on sale! It’s super comfy and soft. Don’t miss out!

Flannel: American Eagle
Joggers: Forever 21
Mug: Starbucks


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