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Hello Ol’ Friends,

This weekend felt like it had to have been more than 2 days long. I have been on a fun adventure, to a conference, on a shopping spree, on a date, and written another paper!

Friday night was the student leadership kickoff for CBU. I received an internship at my school in their campus activities office. Otherwise known as Community Life. The Lord totally blessed me with that one! I cannot wait to start planning for next year! All of the offices who have student leaders had their kickoff that night. We all gathered together in the gym and had worship. Then 2 different men spoke, and we all split up into our staff. My future bosses took us on a trip to downtown Redlands (a city right around the one I live in). I had never been down their before. It was so cool! Definitely a future date place! We went to the most adorable little coffee house, and then they took us to get icecream. The icecream place was so different! They make icecream with all local ingredients, and with liquid nitrogen right in front you. I got a strawberry balsamic flavor. Which actually had balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. Who knew that could be good?! It was incredibly awesome! I had so much fun getting to know my future co-workers.

Saturday was a Christian leadership conference for all those student leaders mentioned above. Here I am going to say that I am not a typical college student. I do not like to stay up at all. So the fact that we got home late Friday night, and then had to be back at school at 7am was not a fun fact for me. Like at all! However, the conference was really enjoyable, and I learned a lot about planning events.

This was the conference when we got there. Yes, a ton of college kids all in one place. Just glad it was a Christian Conference.



One session that I went to was called UPS and Pinterest. They used the above decorations and I just thought they were adorable!
Anyway, Saturday I got home cleaned the house then called up Donny and said “Come and get me! I want to go to the mall!” Since I know he will read this I should say technically I texted him and not called and if I do not say that he will mention it 😉 I got an adorable shirt, and necklace from forever 21! Maybe you will see it sometime this week!


Sunday morning my wonderful man spoke at one of Harvest’s (our church) satellite campus’. The above picture is from my instagram. I love going to watch him speak and supporting him. After he taught we went to the main campus and met up with my parents and watched the main service. It was great. We haven’t been able to attend church together in a few weeks, and I always find it so nice to go together. Once service ended we then met up with my best friend and her man of interest. Don’t you just love double dates?! They are one of my favorite things to do! We went out to lunch and then to see the movie 42. Which completely gets my 100% go see this movie! It seems like it has been awhile since I have seen a GREAT movie. Don’t get me wrong Safe Haven was good, but not the best from Mr. Sparks. 42 was just all around great! The actors did a good job, and I think every aspect was personified great!

Above is my best friend and me running into the theater. All because everyone knows the previews are the best part!
Now I am sitting in class…yes it is back to having my nose on the grind stone and I cannot procrastinate on the 3 papers and final that I have due at the end of this week…ohh and that important thing called a move. Have I mentioned I am moving? Would you all like to see the mess called our living room and the abundance of boxes that are everywhere right now?
I hope all of your weekends were awesome!
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