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Long Healthy Hair Tips
Long Healthy Hair Tips

I love my long hair. One time in high school I cut 12 inches off and while it was fun for awhile I totally missed my long hair. I’ve worked hard to grow it back out over the years, and to take care of it now. I have a few tricks and tips and I wanted to share them with y’all!


I wanted to start off with the cliche things that everyone says. Getting trims though totally helps! I try to go every 6-8 weeks. I tell the hair lady to just cut off my dead ends and that’s it. Nothing too crazy, and it makes it feel much much better! It also helps my curls to stay longer when the dead weight is gone.

Air drying and not a lot heat is another tip. I try to only curl my hair when needed, and rarely blow it dry. I basically leave the house everyday with wet hair and just let it air dry.

Washing Techniques

First off, another cliche thing that everyone will tell you, don’t wash your hair every day! If you do, you’re probably rolling your eyes saying I can’t skip a wash it just doesn’t work for my hair. It will though! Dry shampoo will help a ton! I wash my hair every other day or every third day. That’s about what my hair can go, and dry shampoo helps a ton! This is by my far my favorite dry shampoo and actually cleans your hair not just masks the grease.

Secondly, I rotate my shampoo and conditioners every time I wash. Meaning I don’t use the same shampoo twice in a row. At this moment I have four different kinds of shampoo/conditioner in my shower (excessive I know). This helps your hair not get used to one shampoo which means less buildup. I also will use certain shampoos on certain days for certain things. So days I’m going to curl my hair I use a volumizing shampoo.

Let’s talk shampoo recommendations. If you’re trying to grow out your hair Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow is amazing! I don’t know what it is with that stuff but it totally works! My hair always feels longer when I’m using it. Another shampoo that I would recommend is a clarifying shampoo. I use this Neutrogena one. It says to use it once a week, but I use it more like once a month or once every six weeks. I always follow with a hair mask of some sort. Julie, from Gal Meets Glam (who is my hair goals icon), recommends this Nexxus one and I like it. I never use the recommended dose for the masks either. I’ve used that one packet like 3 times already and still have tons left! I will open it and push it all down to the bottom and only pull out what I need. Then put it in a plastic baggie and save it! Another great one is Olaplex!


One random thing that totally helps your hair is sleeping on a silk pillowcase. I know it sounds silly, but silk really helps your hair and skin. It helps your hair not crease or tug during the middle of the night. I also would say I notice a difference in how long I can go between washes sleeping on silk. I was able to find the brand Slip at a Marshalls and TJ Maxx, if you don’t want to pay full price. Amazon also has some really great options.


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    Yes, love your tip about sleeping on a silk pillowcase! I’ve been doing that for about a year now and I’ve noticed SUCH a big difference!

    1. Reply

      Right! People think it’s a hoax, but I totally see a difference.

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    I love your hair, it looks so beautiful and healthy!! Love the tip on rotating shampoos, I need to do try that.


    1. Reply

      Thanks Lily! Definitely try it. It helps keep buildup at bay.

    • Stephanie
    • April 23, 2020

    My hair will grow, and I’ve found ways to make my unique color last (for a time, anyways. Right now it looks like trash – haha), but my gosh I wish it would get thicker. I had super full hair in high school and now it’s so thin and it’s falling out in places, which bums me out big time! 🙁 I adore your hair, and appreciate the tips!

    1. Reply

      Oh no! Have you tried any vitamins? Thinning hair can totally be a hormonal imbalance or due to a medication.

    • Laura Leigh
    • April 23, 2020

    Your hair looks absolutely fabulous gal and so healthy!

    xo Laura Leigh

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    Your hair is beautiful so I should definitely take some notes! I’m a wash everyday person so I’m nervous about that tip…

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      Using the dry shampoo totally makes it easier to start getting in the habit of washing every day. I promise it’s worth it!

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    These are some great tips and looks like everything you’re doing is paying off…your hair looks amazing! xoxo, Sarah

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      Thanks Sarah!

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    I can’t wait until this craziness is over so I can get a trim! My hair is a mess! Love these tips, girl.


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    Your hair is amazing!!!! I need to be better about rotating shampoos. Thx for the tips girl.

    xx Rebecca //

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      It totally makes a difference in build up. Hope it helps!

    • Kim
    • April 22, 2020

    Your hair is stunning! Thanks for all these helpful tips!


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      Aw thanks Kim!

    • Lee
    • April 22, 2020

    So helpful, your hair is amazing!!!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Lee!

    • Rach
    • April 22, 2020

    Oo this is helpful! Thanks for sharing these tips! I need to do a better job taking care of my hair.

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