Loft Sale Striped Shirt Work Outfit

striped loft blouse shirt

striped loft blouse shirtTop:Loft Pants:Loft Heels:Target moos musing professional outfit black pumps outfit loft striped blouse work office outfit moos musing black heels work outfit moos musing loft henley shirt

Would you look at that! It’s an outfit post! This is a fashion blog by all means. You’d think there would be some clothes. Well here we are a month later but we have an outfit. The whole break from blogging thing really wasn’t planned. At all. If you read Monday’s post than you know that. I just wasn’t sure what to write about or what to say. My motivation to shoot and edit wasn’t exactly there either. But none the less here we are, back and better than ever! Hopefully anyway. I have some fun posts coming up including my trip to Joshua Tree. I got some amazing pictures from there that I just can’t wait to share. I also think I may start doing a Friday recap post. I love reader other bloggers Friday finds style posts so I thought maybe y’all would enjoy it too. I’d include things that I’ve been buying or shopping, articles I’ve read, or anything else that seems to stick out throughout the week. How does that sound to you?

So while there is an outfit attached to this post, sadly this striped top is sold out. I bought it on sale from Loft and then shot the look but didn’t get around to editing or posting. I thought I would still share it though because Loft does have this top that is super similar! Plus if you are anything like me than you need some work attire inspiration. Work appropriate outfits are so hard for me! I’m not sure if it’s because professional is a totally different thing than just dressing cute. I can do the whole style a cute outfit thing, but styling a cute professional outfit is totally different! This is a skill that I have not learned and am really trying to hone in on. Please share some tips with me all you who have to dress up for work. I feel like I always need help or ideas!

Pants: Loft
Shoes: Target


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