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Hi Beauties!

My week has been pretty blah! I have been working mostly on my American Flag shorts, but I do not want to post a picture of them just yet! I still want to keep it a surprise. Eventually I will post a tutorial though, I promise! I haven’t worked all week long, so I have been hanging at home. My mom, her coworker, and I have been walking a local little mountain in the mornings for exercise. That is really fun, and the weather has been so nice her so being outside has just been wonderful!

Today my sister, my mom, her friend, and I headed down to Balbo beach for the day! It was beautiful, and so fun! I enjoyed it immensely! So here is beach pictures just because!

Now I am sitting at Donny’s as him and his dad watch game 7. I have always been a very alethic girl, but never been one to watch sports. Since my father has a house full of girls at home sports were never something to be found on the tv. This then was passed on to me. Since dating Donny I have watched 2 superbowls. Which is impressive if you ask me!
Anyway as I sit here, I am painting my nails…because what else is there to do while the men watch sports?!

sally Hansen: sonic bloom
NYC: Times Square Tangerine Crème
How are your weeks going?
PS. The best way to watch sports is by rooting for the opposite team 😉
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