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Happy Sunday ✨

I really really really need to get better at doing these Instagram Roundup posts. Considering the last one I did was in February I think I am a little behind…Sorry about that! So rather than catching you up since then (that really isn’t even possible with out an overload of pictures. So if you really want to be caught up, go stalk me. It’s okay, really! Here’s my profile.) I am just going to show you all the last few that weren’t featured somewhere on the blog. So lets get started!

Just Swanning Around ☀️

I realize what a basic white girl blogger this picture makes me, but #sorrynotsorry.

Bathing Suit Top: Target Swan: Amazon

All I need is sweet tea and Jesus. Happy National Iced Tea Day!Happy Sunday ✨
Two posts about food…I’m ashamed…but it was National Iced Tea Day, and who doesn’t love macarons?

Anthropologie gets me every time with their displays Also all their monogram mugs are $5!
Anthropologie displays are seriously the best! One day when I have my own place I hope it is this pretty.

Do I still get to say that I am kicking off summer vacation when I'm no longer going back to school in the fall? ☀️
Jean Shirt: Forever 21 Bikini Top: Target Shorts: Abercrombie and Fitch

Getting a new phone meant I also needed a new phone case. I am so in love with this one from @rongrong_devoe_illustration!
I love this case! It is the epitome if my best friend and me.

Planned on shooting this outfit tomorrow, but the rain really doesn't feel as springy as this romper.
Romper: Marshalls Shoes: Target Cardigan: Thrifted

Monday's are a whole lot better when you get to work from home!
Bedding: Ikea

Moved the tassel, got the empty tube. It's official I'm a graduate!
I thought this would be a good place to end since it’s been almost 2 months now since graduation! Want to see more of those pictures click here.


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