Life Decisions and An Annoncement

Life…it really is a scary thing. There are so many things that we can do that can affect our lives. Moving, friends, schools, careers, and people. They are all things that can affect the direction of our lives.
Yet, we make all these decisions rather young! At 18 you must pick where you want to go to college or if you are even going to college. If you do choose college then you either pick your major going in, or you pick it at the end of sophomore year..around 20 years old. You are deciding your life job at the age of 2 decades. Then you graduate and get married. Picking a house, debt, and the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. All of these decisions…all of these life changing choices…
I find it really scary..My heart is pounding just writing all of this down. I do not mean to stress you out if you are reading this, but we do make all these choices through out our time here on earth. I know that I have Christ on my side. Being a Christian I pray about each and every one of these choices before I make them. I could not imagine not having Christ on my side to guide and direct my choices.
So with all of this stressful talk I have an announcement to make. I have changed my major. Which means I have changed my career. Not in a small little change either. I believe this is pretty drastic!
I am now a Graphic Design/Digital Media Major!! with a concentration in Web Design.
When I graduated high school I had planned on going into college as a Liberal Studies major with a Photography minor. This never happened and I was a Math major who switched to Liberal Studies. So anyway I have not felt peace or enjoyed the education process for awhile now. This whole semester it has been something I was wrestling with. Well yesterday I went in and talked to a consular and now we are here!
Ta da! I am incredibly nervous, but I have a peace that I have not had about teaching for a long time. I believe everyone should love their job. A person should want to get up every morning and go to work. I feel like I would enjoy graphic design so much more than teaching. Part of me is a little sad to be honest. Teaching has bee apart of me since I was really little. Being a teacher was something I always said I wanted to do. I would line my stuffed animals up and pretend to teach them. I feel like now that I have changed that part of me is gone. I know this isn’t true, and maybe I am just being dramatic but moving on is scary. Especially when moving on is life changing. I am happy with my choice though! So there is my announcement!
Did you ever have problems deciding what you wanted to be when you grew up? How many times did you change your major?

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