Letter’s For Friday

Hello Friday!
Dear Friday, I have been looking forward to you for awhile. I have to work a little this weekend, but that will not keep me from enjoying it. So there! 
Dear Working Out, Be proud…Be very proud. I have worked out every day this week so far. This is a sad pathetic accomplishment, but an accomplishment all the same! 
Dear She Reads Truth, This past week or so I have become so thankful for your website. This idea is brilliant! Thank you for helping me go through the Bible. It is an incredible way to start my day.
Dear Friends, I am sorry that work has controlled so much of my time. You all are finally home from vacations and I want to see you I promise I do. Life will slow down eventually and we will do a girls night!
Dear Beach, We need to get together soon. Life very soon. So can we work it out that it’s warm enough to actually spend a day with you? I’d really appreciate it.

Dear Disneyland, I miss you already….


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Mariah Cooke
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