Lessons From My Early 20’s

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Why does 25 feel so old?! I seriously cannot believe I’m 25 today! Some days I feel like I’m still 21 and in college, other days 30 feels very close. Your 20’s really is an interesting time as you are becoming yourself and figuring out exactly what life looks like. The meme’s about how growing up people in their 20’s seemed to have it all together is really true. No one really tells you how much you just start to wing it and hope for the best as an adult and you just get really good at winging it! It’s basically what we are all here doing just trying things out, learning what works and what doesn’t.

In honor of my 25th birthday I wanted to share some lessons with y’all that I have learned (or am still learning) from my early 20s. Yes early…because I am no long in the early 20s but mid and mid is closer to not being in the 20s at all…EEP!

The Life Plan You Had Probably Isn’t Going To Happen

When I graduated college my life was in a completely different place than I thought it would be. In fact, it still looks completely different. The lesson here is that that’s okay! Most people are not going to get their dream job right out of college or get married at 22. You have time to figure things out and adding pressure to do so right now isn’t going to make any decision any easier. I’m honestly glad things didn’t work out like I had planned them to. I grew up thinking I’d go to college, get married right after, and start popping out babies by 25. News flash: I’m not even close to having children! Had that plan worked out I’d be ready for them but it didn’t and I’m pretty okay with it. I’ve learned to trust that God’s timing is much better than my own and every time I try to figure things out is when things go astray. Having a goal is really good thing, but learning to hold things with open hands and roll with change is important.

Know Your Priorities

As you go through your early twenties you start to learn what you value. For me that’s my faith, my family and the family I want to create, and this blog. When you know what’s most important to you it becomes easier to see the things and people that don’t support those priorities. If a person comes a long that doesn’t value the same things or expects me to change what I value I know instantly that we probably won’t last long in each other lives.

Invest In Friendships

Something that I recently learned and so so sooooo wish I had done a lot earlier in my life is to invest in your community. While I had friends in college and I was super involved I don’t think I really found my true friends until after I graduated. The group of girls that surrounds me now is so incredible! I love watching how we support each other, are there for one another, and truly do life together. If you can find that early on it is truly a blessing.

As you get older your friendships will start to change too. I think that freaks people out a lot, when you start losing friends. After graduating or even a little before people start to merge into new stages of life. Some of my friends have really awesome jobs and are killing it on the career front, others got married, and some have children. Everyone’s priorities start to shift and change and it’s up to each of you to keep putting effort in even when those stages of life aren’t the same. I don’t have a husband or a baby to take care of, but I can be understanding to my friends who do and find ways to relate on new levels. Not to mention I can learn so much from the fact that they are going through those stages first.


I started this point off naming it learn to spend and save, but I think budget is probably better. It’s so nice when you finally start making full paychecks from a full week of work, but blowing it all is not the way to go. Learning to pay off your bills, save a percentage, and give yourself some spending money. I’m not saying don’t ever spend any money! This is your life and you should live it. Go out to eat with your friends, buy the cute top, but stick to a budget and life within your means. Have a goal and save for something! I get to travel so much because I am constantly saving a percentage of my paycheck knowing I love to explore.

Take Care Of Yourself

This is a very very recent thing I have mastered and my therapist would be so proud. I have a designated “No” evening. While it doesn’t always happen weekly (though that is the goal) I do a pretty good job of not skipping more than two weeks without one. It’s really easy to let your schedule fill up. I get it! Time with friends, chores, seeing family, a relationship, work, a side hustle. There are TONS of really great things you can fill your time with, but taking time out of your week to relax makes a major difference in mental health. We all relax in our own ways and finding the thing that gets you to chill should be a goal. The sooner you find it the better and the more you should incorporate it into your routine.

Failure Is Okay

Whether it be a task, a job, a hobbie, a relationship, a date, it’s okay to fail! Not everything is going to work out. If everything did it wouldn’t feel like real life. There’s also a ton to learn from failure and not every fail is personal. Sometimes a first date is a first date and they never call and you can check someone off the list of the billion people in the world. Sometimes you’re not good at a hobby you really wanted to be good at but it forces you to try something else. Sometimes a long term relationship ends and you’re forced to get out of your comfort zone. Failure happens. Learn from it, grow from it, let it make you stronger.

Cheers to 25 and all that being a quarter of a century brings! What are some lessons you learned in your twenties?

    • paige
    • March 18, 2019

    loved reading these 🙂 hope your next year is your favorite yet! x

    1. Reply

      Thanks friend! <3

  1. Love these! I just turned 27 and I too have learned all of these lessons ♥️♥️

    1. Reply

      Happy Birthday Jennifer! I hope you had a good one.

  2. Reply

    I loved these! I just turned 25 too and have been reflecting on quite a bit! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Reply

      Aw! Happy Birthday! Totally feel you on the reflecting. It’s like a quarter life crisis.

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    awe love this! happy birthday! Ugh my 25th was so pivotal. I ended up getting fired twice in the coming month and it completely shifted the direction of my career! It was such a blessing!

    1. Reply

      Oh my gosh those are some big life changes! It’s crazy to see things work out that we were devastated about at the time.

  4. Reply

    Happy birthday babe!!! hope you have a good one these are great tips.

    1. Reply

      It has been such a fun week celebrating! Thanks so much Bella

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    Happy belated birthday! These are great lessons to learn in your 20s. I am glad I finally learned that failures will happen but it is how we respond to it.

    1. Reply

      Yes Lanae! Our reaction is definitely all we can control and sometimes that totally changes things when we change our outlook.

  6. thank you for this sweet post. as a mom turning 40 this week i can say i had no idea how hard being a new mom would be and wish i had had a clue when my friends got pregnant before me how much a meal dropped off of gifts sent tot heir home or going for a walk to talk would mean! head’s up for you-you beautiful young lady.

    1. Reply

      Oh good to know Clare! I’ll have to start doing that for my friends with babies.

  7. Reply

    Happy happy birthday girl! My 25th birthday is later this year, and I can relate to a lot of these points! Especially your life not looking like you pictured. Yes to that – but God is still good!

    xoxo A

    1. Reply

      Thanks Annaliese! It has been such a fun week of celebrating.

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