le weekend of Shopping, Disney, and No Fireworks

After a very long, hot week, my weekend started Friday night. Donny and I went out with his parents to see the new Iron Man 3. Now I must start off by saying Iron Man is not my favorite. I find him too arrogant for my taste. However, Iron Man is Donny’s favorite and he loved the movie! In my opinion it was good, but too many things popped out at me. I am a scaredy-cat and hate it when things pop out at me and it seemed to happen a lot in this movie! I think that I will stick to the movie 42 as being the best so far. We are seeing The Great Gatsby this week though! Eeeekkk! I am just so excited for that movie!
Saturday was a nice fun day. I got to sleep in (this does not happen very often) and then my family went garage saling in the morning. We then took our thriftiness to the mall where I found those amazing pink blush pants. You can read about my successful shopping here. I have been looking for those pants for awhile now and to finally own a pair is exciting. You know when you find an awesome piece of clothing that just makes you feel stylish? Those pants did that for me!
Saturday evening I had a date! One of the perks of living in Riverside, my city, is that everything is just about an hour away. The mountains, the beach, and Disneyland are all around an hour from where I am at. This being said, Donny and I decided to head to Downtown Disney. We ate at a seriously over priced restaurant (learned our lesson with that one) and then walked around the shops that are down there. Downtown Disney is super cute at night with all of the lights and people. We met up with my best friend and her person to watch the fire works too. The cool thing about Disneyland is that there is a middle walk way thingy between Disneyland and California Adventure that people will sit in to watch the fireworks. It is awesome for us because we don’t have to buy a ticket and can just sit outside and enjoy them.
I was so excited to watch the fireworks! Plus, I knew that her soon to be boyfriend was going to ask her out that night. That’s my best friend Cynthia. She is a huge Disney fanatic, and I knew this was perfect for her. So as we were sitting and waiting for the fireworks to start when a cast member (that’s what they call Disney employees) starts walking around telling everyone the fireworks are cancelled due to the wind. You could say I was bummed. However, her soon to be boyfriend bought them both tickets and asked her out under Snow White’s castle. I would say he still gets some points for that one! So now I can officially say her boyfriend. Even without the fireworks it was still an awesome night!!

So what did you all do this weekend? Any fun plans for the week? My family is going to Disneyland (we are actually entering the park) on Tuesday. I am so excited!

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