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So I have been spending a lot of time at my job and Disneyland the last couple of days! I am totally loving my job, and um duh! I love Disneyland!

Cynthia and I took a trip just us girls to visit Walt.

Today my mom, sister, and I all had the day off and so we finally got to spend the day just us girls. This is rare now that we are all working that we all get to spend the day together. We went out to lunch and thrifting and I bought some pants to make into high waisted shorts (tutorial will be up soon). We had a lovely day!
This is a picture from work. I got to paint a sample piece. If you can’t tell what it is suppose to be it is Mrs. Potts from Beauty and The Beast. You know me…typical Disney Geek!
Yup! That is my life lately. Notice there is no pictures of Donny and I. Yeah we have both been so busy this last week. I am in need of some time together. I think we are going out this weekend. I sure hope so!
What is up with you all lately?

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