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Today I want to talk about dreams. Not the dreams that you have at night, but the dreams you have for your life. The answer you give when someone asks you the famous question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?” My family was sitting on the couch about a week ago and this topic of what we want to do with our lives came up. My mom has had the dreams of being a teacher, and owning horses. Those were her dreams. When my parents got married those are the two things she told my dad that she wanted in life. My sister wants to be on Broadway. Some little children dream of being a firefighter or a veterinarian. My dream and where I want to be in the future is different than that though.
However, as long as I can remember my dream has always been to be a wife, and a mother. I have dreamed of running a household. Yes, I am going to school to become a teacher, and yes my goal is to teach at the deaf school in my city. Yet, even in my head that is not my dream or my final destination in this life. I would love to teach for a few years and maybe sub a bit while my children are in school, but my dream in life is to make a great home for my children and husband. I believe that my calling in life is a homemaker.
I feel like our generation does not encourage our children to dream. It does not encourage our children to make something of themselves. I know so many students or even other people I graduated with who had no idea where they were going after high school. I believe that we as a generation need to instill the act of dreaming and having goals in life into our children. I also believe that we as women need to not be so afraid of being that typical stay at home mom. I feel like our generation looks so poorly at being a homemaker. Like to want nothing more than to stay at home and raise children is wrong. I believe we need to change the way we view mothers like this. Mothers are the foundation of a house and home at times. Mothers and wives form a home and at many times the attitude of those who live with them. I believe that home making is the ultimate dream.
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Well my goal in finishing school may be to become a teacher, but my dream is to be a Godly wife, mother, and homemaker.
What are your dreams?

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