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Do you ever feel like you just have nothing to say? There is just nothing to compute. Well that is how I feel today. This feeling may come from the soreness of my chest and throat. All I want to do is curl up with some tea, a blanket, and a movie. However since the projected weather was 102 today in beautiful Southern California a blanket, and tea just do not seem to be ahead of me today. I know 102! I mean it is the middle of September, and autumn is supposedly coming. When? I am not sure, but it’s coming. I just seem to keep telling myself that as I put my boots back in the closet and grab for my sandals. It’s sad, and I would prefer my boots. I have worn them lately, with a tank top or short sleeve shirt. Since it is way to hot for a sweater!

Anyway, back to having nothing to say. I really really don’t. I don’t have a topic to talk about with y’all today. I don’t seem to have anything that interests me, or something that I heard that made me go “Yes! Blog post!” So today just seems to be a tid bit of ramblings from yours truly. Maybe this is just a case of the Monday’s, and I just don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything. Yes, maybe that’s it. I am not really sure.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a topic for you. Maybe something will fascinate me, or come to me. Anything you want to hear about?

Well there is my ramblings for today. Now it seems I must get back to my paper. Yay! Can you hear my excitement…


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