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A few weekends ago I met my parents over in Joshua Tree where we were camping for the weekend. Joshua Tree National Park is only about an hour and a half or two hours from where we live and none of us had ever been before! I still can’t believe that I have lived so close to it my whole life and never visited. The park was such an amazing place!! Keep scrolling to read all about our weekend. I took sooooo many pictures and I loved pretty much all of them so get ready for a pretty photo heavy post. I went ahead and wrote the places each photo was taken so you can see what they look like and compare them to the places I talked about at the end.

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Since I met my parents down there I had my car and it is my first little road trip in the new vehicle. It was such a fun trip for the first time getting it all dirty. We took it into the park and drove it around all day. I loved all the pictures I got with it to show it off. It preformed so well and literally just made me love it even more.

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My family actually camped in an RV camp ground in Twenty Nine Palms which is right next to Joshua Tree. The campsite was just alright but that didn’t really matter since we spent the whole day Saturday in the park. My parents had already gone exploring the day before I met them (I was stuck at work…boooo) so they already had the entry pass. The park is pretty large and there was an entrance to it in Twenty Nine Palms. The way we explored was pretty much driving all over. We saw a lot of bikers but pretty much we just drove from spot to spot and if we wanted to pull off the road and explore we did. It was such a chill way to adventure.

Joshua Tree is seriously so beautiful! The odd look trees are actually very beautiful and at some spots in the park there are so many of them it is literally like a grove of Joshua Trees. I didn’t expect to like them so much, but really everything is amazing! The rocks are pretty cool too because they aren’t hard to climb at all. Since they feel very sand stone is getting a grip is not hard and climbing high is fairly easy. I’m not a pro rock climber but I can be pretty fearless and love bouldering. That’s kind of what hiking around on the rocks felt like. More bouldering than rock climbing.

We packed our lunch and just ate at one of the spots. We sat and watched some rock climbers which was pretty amazing! A group of them and attached a slack line from one massive rock to the other and were bouncing around in the air! Some other helpful things to know is there are picnic tables and bathrooms scattered all over the park. It’s super helpful to get the map when you enter so you can see all the different sights to see as well as the bathrooms. You’ll definitely want to bring in food and water since that isn’t sold inside the park. There are plenty of places right outside of the national park to get food though so if you didn’t want to pack a lunch or dinner you could exit the park and then reenter.

Onto some of the best places we saw!

  • Keys View — I’m going to start off with this one even though you will want to end your day here. This is such a great place to watch sunset. That’s where all the above sunset photos are from. It gets very packed there, especially on a weekend. So make sure to give yourself enough time to find parking before the sun actually goes down.
  • Skull Rock — I thought this was just okay. While my parents did stop and see it the day before I got there, we just drove by it. It’s pretty cool looking and if you have the time why not.
  • Jumbo Rocks — This is actually a campground but if you go up past the entrance you can just pull over on the side of the road and park. This is near Skull Rock and I thought much cooler. The rocks are huge and since they are easy to climb you just look around and can go pretty much anywhere!
  • Barker Dam — While there is tons of different hikes to do my family chose this one. It’s incredibly easy, not steep at all, and different since you end at a place with water (unlike the rest of the desert). I’m not sure if there is water in it year round but we haven’t had a lot of rain and there was water in it. There’s also a ton of cool places to hike around and climb on rocks there too. The hike itself is 1.5 miles and took us about an hour or so.

Now that I have been and it is so close to me I cannot wait to go back! It was super amazing to see the sky out there once the sun set as well. My first night there was super clear and you could see so many stars! I got a telescope for Christmas and brought that out. It was incredible! The second night was a little overcast so you couldn’t see as many but it was still wayyyy more than what you can see in our little city. I can’t wait to camp out there again! I’d love to go during summer with more light during the day and not as cold at night.

Have you been before? What are your most see places?

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  1. The photos are absolutely amazing! This is on my bucket list to see, everything just looks so beautiful! Also, I love all the photos of you on your car! You’re so cute. It seems like you had so much fun.

    1. Reply

      Aw thank you Christina! I love my new car! You should totally visit. It is such a beautiful place.

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