It’s The Little Things


This morning my devotion was on not blowing past the simple things that God does for us every day. Being someone who loves the simplicity of life I can completely appreciate this. To me the little things are worth so much more than the big things at times. Here’s some little moments in my life that I have loved and appreciated as of late.

–Coming home to find that my mom brought home a bouquet of tulips that are now in the center of the dining room table. 

–Spending time outside enjoying the weather

–Having a butterfly or humming bird fly past.

–Getting out of class early 

–Grabbing starbucks with my little sister

–Looking at the beautiful moon only to realize that he’s watching me

–Putting on an outfit that makes me feel utterly pretty and girly.

–Driving with my windows down, music up, and sun shining

–When someone asks how my day was

–Making plans with a friend

This simple tasks make up our day to day lives. I love looking back and thinking of the little things that make my heart full! 

What are little things you appreciate in your every day life?

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    Beautiful blog you have here Mariah! And you're so right the little things really do mean a lot and I'd have to agree with you in regards to driving with my windows down I love it!

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      Thank you very much!! Driving with my windows down is my favorite! It's like the epitome of summer.

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