its just me lately..


…..I have been seriously loving to much new music! There are so many good singles out. Hunter Hayes has a new single “I want crazy” and then I just heard Sara Bareilles’ new single Brave. I love it! They are just all so good. Plus Michael Buble has a new CD out. How am I suppose to afford all of this awesome new music!

….I have been really trying to end the school year strong. I have exactly 2 days left and 2 papers to write. I am so excited for summer. I have a whole month where I just have work. I don’t have to go to school or anything. I get to read and relax in the morning and go to work in the afternoon. I cannot wait.

….I have been loving the weather. It is hot and nice outside. I am very excited for summer. I cannot wait to wear shorts and be tan!

So now I need to go since that handsome man up that there is waiting for me to watch a movie.

I hope you all are having nice weeks!


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    I love your blog, found ya on the lately link up. I LOVE Hunter Hayes! "I want crazy" is soooo good! Good luck on your last two days of school and last two papers! I still have two weeks to go till I am on my summer vacation, but shorts and tans are definitely what I am looking forward to too!


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