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Moving is no joke! Every room is always different and I always seem to find more things we need for the house. While we all know to stay away from Home Goods and TJ Maxx (hello black hole of beautiful items) here are some practical, and not so practical, items I purchased for my room.

***Each item in the picture is clickable or click the links below.

  1. Mirrors. This little one is from Target and is so cute! I also have my big full length floor mirror and then one that hangs over my dresser.
  2. This make up organizer is honestly amazing. It’s inexpensive and fits the basics perfectly.
  3. A $20 vacuum. Um yes! It’s super light weight and works great on tile and hardwood. If you’re looking for a good carpet one I would spend the money for a more heavy duty one though. But it’s perfect for quick mess’.
  4. Technically I purchased my duvet a bit before I moved, but I thought I’d include it since it’s so cute. It’s also reversible and comes in other colors.
  5. Rolling organizer. I bought my gold one from Home Goods and it’s not available on their website. This one is a bit larger from Walmart.
  6. Clear Tray. I use on my bedside table to keep all skincare needs organized and together. Not necessary, but totally helps a bedside table to look more put together.
  7. Decorative Trays. Again not necessary, but who can resist?! I have two. One that displays my perfumes, and another that holds my hair products. I’ve linked a ton more options down below.
  8. Necklace holder. I love wearing simple dainty necklaces, but just laying them on my dresser can get messy. This tree displays them perfect and helps them not get tangled.
  9. I don’t know why I love this little cotton holder! It sits with my makeup and is a much cuter way to display q-tips.
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    I would love to have that organizer and cotton holder. Thanks for sharing these items!

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      They were such extra products but I honestly love that they keep things organized.

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    I love, love, love the wall shelf, tray and necklace organizer!


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    So cute! I definitely need a drawer organizer! My makeup is everywhere!

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      It totally helps make mornings faster too. That way you aren’t digging around a drawer for something.

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