It Is Finally the Weekend

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Dear Friday, Thank you for taking your sweet time to show up this week. I say that with all honesty, and no sarcasm intended. I needed all the time I could get this week so thank you. Now that you are here though I greet you with open arms!
Dear English Paper, HA! You are finished…well except for those 2 pages and that power point. But HA! to you all the same.
Dear Red Lipstick from Birchbox, I love you, and have worn you to much this week. Oh well! Here are to more days of red lips to come!

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Dear Moving, I am ready to start now. Please lets get this done already. I am ready to have my room back to some sort of order!
Dear Donny, Thank you for helping my parents out while I am away this weekend. I know I have been busy with school, so I am also thankful for how understanding you are being! You are the best!
Dear Disneyland, Our time apart is unbearable! I am really craving to be reunited with you. I hope a trip comes soon. Until then here is a lovely picture of your wonderful castle.
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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am going to a Christian College Leadership Conference tomorrow. I cannot wait! Be ready for news on it after!


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