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Instagram. It’s one of the top social media platforms. To me, that makes total sense! I love instagram so much, but lets all be honest for a second. The point of instagram is to have pictures that are edited. Instagram isn’t suppose to be all real. The point is to have pretty pictures, so here’s the apps that I use to make my photos pretty!


This is the app I start with. I find it super easy to use which I always like! I use it to change the exposure, contrast, and shadows. The feature I like the most though is the selective tool. It lets you edit certain spots on a photo rather than changing the exposure of the whole photo you can just change certain spots if you like. I also use this app to straighten my photos.


My next step is to decide if I want to put a filter over my photo. This isn’t something I do every time. Usually I like the coloring of my photo enough to not want to add a filter. However, there’s just some photos that really do need the help! This is the first app I use to click through their filters. They offer a ton of free ones, and then some you have to pay for.


This app is 99 cents. So it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth paying for. I use this as another option for filters if I didn’t like any from faded.

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    I love Afterlight! It was my go-to for a while before I switched to VSCO!

    xx Victoria

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    I love Snapseed! I use it to up the brightness and exposure on my photos.

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