I’m Just People Watchin’

I choose this picture for a few reasons. One, this girl is really pretty (my sister would laugh at me right about now). Two, who would not want to sit at a coffee shop and just look out the window? I know I would! I love to people watch. At the moment I am sitting outside on the patio of my school. In about 20 minutes class will get out again and a swarm of students will start to flood past. Each one of them headed to a destination. Class, dorms, the Caf. Who knows where they are going, or what they have already had to deal with this morning. 
People are not my strong suit. I am not always friendly, and I do not always talk to people. Yet, I have a serious love to watch them and figure them out. It is so fascinating to me how each person has a different story. Each person is at that place for a different reason. Each person drinks their coffee or tea just a bit different and for different reasons. There’s a story behind why the creamer goes in first, or why they walk with their hands in their pockets. Behind every simple habit is a person who helped them form it. 
It is all so interesting to me! I could sit on a bench or at a cafe for hours just watching people. Trying to come up with a story in my head of where they came from, what their life is like, and why they are there. Maybe that’s a little weird, but I love to sit and observe. 
Do you people watch? Do you enjoy just sitting around and watching crowds?

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Mariah Cooke
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