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Welcome to my room!

A few months ago (yes that’s how long ago I promised to show y’all around) I posted a life update which included the exciting fact that I had moved out of my parents house! I didn’t go far away to college so this is actually the first time I’ve ever not lived with them. Now, three months in and I’ve lived in two homes and finally feel settled (or at least for the next 6 months). I love the girls I’m living with and the house we are short term renting is to die for! I am going to be so sad when our lease is up, but until then expect me to use it for many pictures.

My room though very small (10×10) is so cozy. I’ve really aimed to make it as clean and uncrowded as possible. I was really determined not to give up my queen sized bed, even though a twin would have given me much more space. The key was using dressers that are tall and getting most things off the ground. In my last place I had a vertical dresser which did feel more open but I traded that one for this one because it was free from my parents. All I had to do was replace the handles.

Something that was a catch about moving in with roommates is that a couple of us share a bathroom. That leaves very little room for all of us to keep toiletries in there, so all of that had to be stored somehow in my room. My two solutions is the dresser with wicker baskets next to my bed, and the gold rolling organizer. The dresser holds all my hair care, face masks, medicine drawer, and all extra products. The organizer (which I found at TJ Maxx) holds my makeup, nail polishes, and I created a “junk drawer” of odds and ends.

It was really nice to kind of start a fresh with a new room. Purging all the things I had held on to for so long just to keep, and creating a more organized cleaner area. My dresser tops stay cleaner and finding fun accents like trays or candles was a nice decorating touch. I’ve also found a new love for beautiful/useful coffee table books. Decorating your own space is honestly so fun!


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