I Am Grateful For…Friends, and Spare Time

Hello Lovely Friends!

Today I am back linking up with the wonder Sarah and her Grateful Link Up. So away we gooooo (you can read that in Peter Pan’s voice…because that is how I was saying it!)

 I am grateful for….
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Friends….These last 2 weeks I have been a part of a group. A part of a small family. I have been hanging out with 15 other college kids my age, and I have loved it! It has been so nice having a group of friends. Growing up this always seemed to be a rare thing for me. Sad as it is, that is just the way it was. I learned to live with it, and I learned not to care. However, when I did find a group I definitely cherished them. So I am very very thankful for my new group of friends!

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Spare Time…Since I have had training the last two weeks have been very hectic. If you have read any of the last few posts you all know that. Something that was missing out of my busy schedule was free time. Some people can live a life on the go. My sister is one of those people. However, I am not! I love my home, and I love getting to relax. Now that school has started I cannot wait to be able to find some sort of routine and be able to have some sort of down time. So for those who may have a lot of free time. Enjoy it!

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    Free time is the best time. I'm already looking forward to the weekend so that I can breathe for a moment.

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      Totally relate! Especially with college classes. They sure keep me busy!

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