I Am Grateful For My School

I am grateful for….
Being able to go to a Christian School…I love my school. There is no doubt about that. I was very hesitant to go there when I was applying for colleges. Yet, God had a plan in it all! I just love it here! Lately, my sister has been visiting colleges as she is now making her choice of where to attend. I have been on one college tour with her. The minute I walked onto that other campus it made me realize how thankful I am for the wonderful school I have. California Baptist University has a seriously beautiful campus. It is just gorgeous. Not only that but the fact that it is a private university is incredible. I am truly blessed that I am able to afford (or rather not afford…darn student loans) to go there. Just thinking about what students have to deal with going to a UC or a community college is crazy. Walking on to a campus where kids are high or drunk, or where the classes are talking about gay marriage. Our world is already such a broken place, and I am shielded from so much of it being able to go to a Christian University. I am truly truly blessed!

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