I Am Grateful For Fall, and God’s Peace

I am grateful for….
Fall, Fall Colors, and Anything Pumpkin….It has been incredibly hot here in Southern California. Yet, today I woke up and it was foggy outside! I was beyond thrilled! I even got to pull out a sweater like shirt this morning. Sadly, the fog burned off around noon, but it was still cold this morning! I happen to love all of the seasons, and I am extremely thankful that fall is just around the corner.
God’s Never Ending Peace….I woke up in a panic today because I forgot a piece of homework. I know that this completely ruins what I said I was going to strive to do in the last post. I can say that I did stop and do my devotion, pray, and try to calm my heart beat. Yet, I did fail to get out of bed with a good attitude and proceeded to snap at my mom and sister. So I am thankful that as the day went on I knew that God would provide, and He did. I was able to calm myself with his help, and I know tomorrow will be a better day.
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