How to Make It Feel Like Fall When It’s Still Hot Out

moos musing long sleeve fall dress
long sleeve fall dress
moos musing shein flunce sleeve dress
shein floral fall dress
moos musing long sleeve fall dress

Oh fall! Is it still considered fall weather when it’s 100 degrees? That’s my forecast for the day and I am not excited about it. So far this season I think the lowest Southern California has gotten is 80. I’m dying for cooler weather as I look at my sweaters longingly every day.

So how am I trying to make it feel more like autumn?

First off, this dress! Incorporating fall colors instantly changes the mood of an outfit. While I don’t believe in the no white after labor day rule, white and lighter colors just give that summer vibe. If I am going to wear a light color I try to mix it with a darker cardigan or blazer. This long sleeve dress is such a great fall red color and the flower details just add to the fall vibe. I’m a big fan and it’s such a great price!

Second, I’ve been lighting fall candles all the time! My two favorites are Harvest from the Magnolia line at Target, and Leaves from Bath and Body Works. Really any candle from the Magnolia Line is amazing! I think it gives the house a cozy feel when it smells like holiday goodness.

Lastly, fall movies and decorations. This past weekend we watched You’ve Got Mail, and I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls. I’m not a scary movie person, but fall or holiday movies put me in a mood! What your favorites? I’d love to read them in the comments.


photos by Tiffany Maudlin

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    That dress looks so great on you! Georgia is starting to cool down but it doesn’t feel like fall fully yet

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    Such a pretty dress! I wore booties for the first time this season last week and my feet were SO hot- I’m so ready for a cool down! I love a great smelling fall candle, will have to check the Harvest candle out!

    • Rach
    • October 13, 2020

    These are great tips!! Your dress is cute!

    • Lee
    • October 13, 2020

    This is dress is so chic! It definitely has a fall vibe!

    • Lizzie
    • October 13, 2020

    Love these tip! I’ve got fall candles burning everyday 🙂 Love your cute fall outfit!


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    When it was still warm here but I was craving autumn feels, I lit my spicy-sweet candles and turned the AC down to make it chilly indoors. Then I made spiced mocha and listened to rainy day jazz and I felt so peaceful and autumnal hehe.

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    Love this outfit. I don’t have fall inspired movie, but I am watching Emily in Paris right now..

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    Love the color and print of this dress…perfect for the season, especially paired with cute booties! xoxo, Sarah

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    You’re right! This dress is so cute and so perfect! Here in Texas its still really hot so I can relate to this post so much!

    cute & little

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    This is such a cute dress and perfect for autumn!

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    I’ve been lighting a ton of fall scented candles! It definitely helps me get into a fall vibe.

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    This dress looks so comfy! I’m also from So-Cal and this week is going to be hot, but this dress is giving me fall vibes. Love the look!

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    This is such a gorgeous post, loving the photos, they look so professional! I’m in Canada and it’s cooling down a lot here, I am missing the hot weather haha!

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