How Is Your Day?


Do ever just have those times where you just need someone to ask you how your day was? It really seems like such a simple question doesn’t it. How was your day? How is your day? How’s it going? What’s up? There are so many ways to ask that question. It seems like we ask it so flippantly. We just throw it out there to everyone. “Hey whats up? How ya doing?” 

Such an easy question right? Yet, if you really think about it this question can carry so much weight. If a person truly cares and answers this question honestly then you get a look into a persons head. You can really start to understand them by this simple question. 
Yet, how often do we actually answer this question honestly? Do we actually tell the person asking how our day was? I can tell you most of the time I don’t. I think deep down we actually know that this question holds so much weight. We know that if we answered honestly it would give the person asking a look at who we truly are and to do that requires a whole lot of trust. 
I know that to me though when someone asks me and I mean really really asks me how my day is it makes me want to tell them. This question is so important to me. My dad has made it a point for years to ask my sister and I how are days were. Sometimes it got frustrating, and yet it made an impact on me. When I can tell someone really cares and asks me “How my day is?” it really means the world.
So here ya go. I really truly want to know and you are not allowed to just put it was good. Really tell me how your day was. If no one has asked you today or maybe for awhile. I want to know. How is your day going?

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Mariah Cooke
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