How I Feel About Autumn


Since the first day of Autumn was this weekend I have decided to do a post completely dedicated to fall. Nothing can explain how happy I am that Autumn is finally here! I seriously love every season. I am not the type of person that only loves summer, or winter. I love them all! I feel like each season has its time. Yet, when that time is over I am completely ready for the next season. So yes, I am sad that summer is over. I already miss all the free time that I had, but I am ready for the cold. I love the boots, sweaters, scarves, leaves, and warm drinks. It all just makes me so happy!


Lately all of the stores have been bringing out the dark colored pants, scarves, the jackets, and the long sleeves. Where I live, here in Southern Cali, it has not quite gotten cold. We are still waiting for another 5-10 degrees to drop, and then I can finally switch out those short sleeves! However, I am still wearing my boots and changing out the bright nail polishes for the darker ones. Even Disneyland has brought out the fall colored flags, and pumpkinheads.
Don’t pumpkins, and apples just make you happy? They sure do make me giddy! My family has a tradition of putting up all the fall stuff. Everyone has been really busy lately, and since I was the first one to have spare free time I was able to get down the fall box, and put up the scarecrows, and leaves. Now my house is festive, and I am feeling the excitement for fall even more! While putting up all of the fall decor I could not help but light my pumpkin scented candles. Everything is so spicy and it is all perfect!
Now it is just time to wait for the colder weather. It’s time to make plans for the corn maze, and pumpkin carving as well!
What are your favorite things about fall? Are you excited or do you prefer a different season?


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