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With summer approaching we all are looking for ways to stay away from oily skin but still keep our glow. Or if you’re anything like me you have oily skin year round and are constantly looking for how to keep your skin matte. Yet, I think all of us freak out a little when we hear the word matte. Right now highlight, glow, shimmer, and luminizer are all words we hear constantly and is the main goal for makeup. But how does that work for us oily skin girls? There is definitely a right balance! While I want my skin to be matte I want my highlight to shine through too. And using mattifying products doesn’t mean I still won’t glow. It’s just about glowing in the right places and from the products I use not the oil from my skin.

Today I want to focus on how I combat oily skin though. I’m going to share my holy grail products with y’all and how I use them. I like to try new products but these are the things that I constantly come back to and that work the best for me. I am no beauty expert here and maybe something works different for you. When it comes to skin care products and makeup I truly believe you have to find what works for you, and it’s all about finding the right combination. Because different products even work differently together. So start trying things out!


The very first thing to start with is primer! I heard a blogger, Haley, explain this fact about primer the other day and I was mind blown. It really isn’t even that crazy of a fact, actually it’s common science, but I had just never thought about it before.

Have you ever experienced your foundation running or not staying put on your face?

Well this fact is why! She talked about how a water based product doesn’t mix with a silicon based product. So when you use a silicon based primer below a water based foundation that foundation isn’t going to stick, it’s going to slide around. Same goes vice versa, if your primer is water based with a silicon foundation it isn’t going to work great either.

Which completely defeats the purpose of using a primer! So when you are choosing a primer and foundation look at the ingredients and choose either both water or both silicon based things. I just googled the ingredients of mine to find out. Lucky enough they were both water based. Which is probably why they work so well together.

I have used this Neutrogena primer for a while now. I used to only use it on special occasions but now it’s becoming an everyday thing. Because who doesn’t want their make up to last all day long? I really love the matte primer from them. I haven’t tried any others but this one really does the job. I put it on after my moisturizer and it creates a great base for my makeup.


Which leads me into foundation…I recommend this foundation to everyone for multiple reasons! For starters this line has two options; Normal to Dry Skin or Combination to Oily Skin. It also has a very wide variety of color choices depending on your skin tone. Two things everyone honestly needs in a foundation.

I usually lean towards to side of medium to full coverage because acne. If you are looking for light coverage you could try this since it isn’t heavy by any means and very build able but it does lean towards more coverage. The biggest thing though is that it isn’t cakey at all! I have never felt like it sticks to weird places or that I am pageant ready. It simple feels like you are wearing makeup.


The next product that I use to combat oily skin is setting powder. This is applied after all of my liquid products; foundation, concealer, liquid highlight or liquid blush. Setting powder helps everything stick where ya put it and “set” it in. This step may freak a lot of people out because it can make everything look matte. I usually can still see my highlight poke through after this step. However, I also go through with a powder highlight after the setting powder. If you don’t want to do that then I would just choose not to brush this setting powder over your entire face. Maybe only put it in your T-zone or wherever you get the most oily. This powder is something I also carry with me during the day and will reapply when needed. It helps get rid of the shininess in spots you don’t want it.


Now after you have finished all your makeup you want everything to stay in place. I like to call setting spray, hairspray for your face. Essential that’s what you are doing. Making sure it all sticks. I find that when you have oily skin one of the problems is that your makeup rarely lasts throughout the whole day. This stuff really combats that. Especially when combine with the primer and foundation. There are soooo many choices when choosing a setting spray. I actually haven’t tried any others. I’ve heard bloggers rave about other high end brands like MAC and Urban Decay’s but for a drug store brand this one works great!


Last but not least my most important thing everyone needs is blotting sheets! Seriously these do wonders! When you are out and about and want to deshine or deoily pull these babies out. A quick blot blot on your forehead, nose, and chin then apply some powder and boom you’re back to being flawless. I love the ELF brand because they are only $1. They also have green tea in them which is good for your skin! So that’s a plus in my book.

Now for the funniest trick you’ll ever hear. I honestly have no clue what beauty blogger I heard this from because I’ve been doing it for years now! So when you buy oil blotting sheets you’ll see that they feel pretty much like tissue paper. Well something that is readily available and the exact same paper is toilet seat covers. Yup, you read that right! Toilet seat covers totally work as oil blotting sheets. So when you’re in a pinch you can always run to the bathroom pull on out and blot away. Then just toss it. It’s clean and free! Crazy right! Trust me it work’s and now you’ll totally be doing it too.

I hope this guide of how I combat my oily skin helps you! Do you have any tried and true tricks you swear by? Comment them below so we can all share!

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    I suffer so much from oily skin!!! It’s the worst… I’m always shiny after a few hours. I love blotting sheets, but they are expensive. I actually just use regular toilet paper, not even the seat covers, because they work well enough, too, if they’re the thin, papery kinds. I’m amused when anyone pinches my cheek or touches my face and their fingers are coated with the oil from my face xD

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      The ELF ones are really cheap! Only $1!

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