How I Asked My Bridesmaids – Wedding Wednesday

Bridesmaid Proposal Box
Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Back today with another #WeddingWednesday blog post! If you want to check out the other posts in this fun series you can click here.

Asking my girls was something that was so important and special to me. As someone who works in the wedding industry I see maids of honors and bridesmaids all the time. A really great maid of honor can make me tear up at a wedding just as much as the father of the brides speech. Best friends are so incredible important to our lives and getting to stand up with them on such an important day in their life is such a huge honor! For the next few months they get to spoil me so to kick things off and ask them to stand with me I wanted to make them feel special.

I was incredibly choosey about who I picked to be in my bridal party. I ended up choosing 4 girls. My sister and my best friend Tori will both be my Matron of Honors (they are both married already) and then I have two other friends from different stages of life.

how I asked my bridesmaids

To ask my girls I created a little gift box. I wanted to make sure the box was special and with items each would truly like, not just trinkets, but yet that it also did not break the bank (insert Adam with his budget sheet). I had a whole plan of what to put in the boxes and where to get everything and then of course COVID happened and TJ MAXX was closed and frames from amazon wouldn’t ship in time so I improvised a bit and I still love the way they came out.

To start off, the gift boxes I ordered from amazon and they came in a set of 10 for $11! I obviously only needed 4, but thought they wouldn’t be a bad thing to keep around. I wanted to include a picture of me and each girl and had intended to order these frames from amazon. However, since only essential items were shipping with prime these would not have arrived until a month later. The hunt for cute frames that didn’t break the bank was difficult with Home Goods closed right now. I ended up finding the frames I used at the Dollar Tree. They definitely were not the best quality but they worked!

bridesmaid box moos musing

For the actual gift portion I picked up a candle from Target from the Magnolia line, because who doesn’t love those, and included the nail polish that I was wearing when I got engaged.

I used part of the wedding crest I designed to create a card to ask each of the girls. While I designed my own Etsy has some really great cards you can get. I think writing a personal note to each girl was a really special touch. There’s a reason I chose each one of them to stand up there by me and I wanted them to know it.



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    Loved the idea

    1. Reply

      Thanks Nila!

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    i love the boxes that you put together! such a sweet way to ask your bridesmaids!

    cute & little

    1. Reply

      Aw yay! Thanks Kileen!

  3. Reply

    How exciting and what a sweet gift!! Love the little personal touch of the nail polish!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Hillary! It’s a great color!

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    How darling are these boxes! I absolutely love the photos you included in them, so sentimental!


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      Thanks Rachel!

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    This is so cute, and one of the best memories. I loved how I asked my bridesmaids too and it was one of the best times because getting them personalized gifts was just so fun!

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      I totally agree Adaleta! It was so fun giving them the boxes.

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    This is so cute!! I’m sure your bridesmaids loved it!

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      Thanks Rach! It was so fun gifting the boxes to them.

    • Laura Leigh
    • May 20, 2020

    These boxes are too cute! Such a sweet way to ask your ladies!

    xo Laura Leigh

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