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This is the sign that I started with. My mom found it when we were moving, and I have been saving it to paint on! If you don’t have an actual sign, any piece of wood will work. I love everything about wood signs, and was so excited to make this one! I found the saying at a little flea market that my mom had taken my sister, and me too. This saying is so me! I love my mom, and could seriously never move away from her! If you know me personally, you know this! I go shopping and still send my mom pictures of what I am buying…all to get her opinion. I just love my mom! So let’s jump in, and maybe you all can make a sign too!
The first step is to paint the whole board pink. That is just the color I choose (it’s my favorite) but you can choose whatever color you want! I painted the sign a few times and let it dry between layers. This made sure that I covered everything and evenly.
Next, I went on pinterest and found the lettering that I wanted. I was going to use a stencil, but I found that to just be to difficult, and writing it out myself was wayyyy simpler! You can only kind of see the writing in the picture. Sorry about that!
Next I started out with my white paint and a smaller detail brush and went over the letters that I had penciled in. I did this one time just to get the letters, and then I went through and did the edges to get a straighter line.
After I finished all the writing I went in and drew with a pencil the house. Then painted over it again just how I wanted.
Here is the final project! I totally am loving it and can’t wait to hang it up!


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