Hello August!

Dear August, I cannot believe that you are already upon us! It is just shocking to me! 3 months of summer have already past and I have 18 days left. It seems to just fly by! However, I am not sad. I am so excited for the school year ahead and exactly what this next month brings.
Dear Michael, One day! You come home tomorrow!! My excitement is over the top. I cannot wait to see you. Drive safe Mr! I cannot wait to start doing all the fun things we have planned before we go back to school.
Dear Color Me Mine, Including today I have 5 more shifts with you. I will not miss you. I will miss my coworkers and that is all. Goodbye.
Dear Working Out, Well I got through half a week. At least it’s something…I shall continue to work on this aspect.
Dear Comm Life, I got my welcome back letter! I cannot wait to come back and join the team. This year ahead holds a lot of new adventures and I am ready to take them on full force!


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Mariah Cooke
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