Haven… defines haven has any place of shelter and safety; refuge; asylum. I think that everyone has their own haven. Their own place where they find comfort or silence. As a Christian we obviously all find that in Christ Jesus, but where do you feel his peace? My sister’s haven would be laying somewhere quiet reading a book. My mom’s is on horse back. I would think Donny’s is driving his car all by himself.

I don’t know if mine is in that bath tub, but it was sure relaxing! I put on my face mask and crawled into the bath green face and all and got to just lay there. With no one talking and no one bothering me. It was very nice and relaxing.

In our old house my parents had a bath tub, but I never used it. It was very nice to finally have one of my own!

What is your haven?

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    I'd have to say my haven is sitting in my favorite chair with my computer on my lap writing. Whether it be my blog or anything else, I find peace in writing and letting everything out 🙂

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