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Harry's Razors review
Moo's Musing Harry's Razor
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Y’all, I am a changed women! My shaving routine will seriously never be the same again. I have recently been trying out Harry’s razors and I am in love! Seriously I cannot say enough good things about this razor.

When Harry’s first e-mailed me asking about my shaving routine I was honestly a little skeptical. I’ve been using Intuition razors for quite awhile now and I love them. They moisturize as I go and they handle coarse underarm hair no problem. The shave isn’t crazy close, but what razor really gets that close of a shave anyway? (or so I thought!) Harry’s at first was just asking about my shaving experience and they never asked for a blog post. So I thought why not try one, if I hate it I haven’t agreed to anything yet.

Then the box arrived at my door…I was behind on blogging so it sat in my room for a bit. The next week we helped a couple move apartments and they actually used Harry’s razors! I mentioned how I would be trying one out soon and the girl raved about them saying how she actually used it and not her husband. This peaked my interest, so I came home and pulled our the razor. My sisters boyfriend actually saw the box in the bathroom that day and mentioned he had used them and loved them too.

The packaging alone is actually really nice. The design is very modern and clean and everything is really cohesive. From the box it arrives in, to the shaving cream, and the razor everything is branded super well! I chose to receive the olive green Truman set since I felt like it was gender neutral.

Now let’s get to the actual shaving experience…Oh boy! This razor is fantastic. The shave is seriously so close I could skip a day between shaving if I wanted. I tend to get cold throughout my day so I usually get stubble really quick and shave everyday, but I could totally skip a day while using Harry’s. The razor actually moves along the curves of a leg great as well! Almost every time I get a new razor or replace a razor head I cut myself that first use. I didn’t with Harry’s! It was a close shave, and no cuts.

I did use the shaving cream it came with and that was pretty nice too. I shave in the shower and I had a problem with the shaving gel sliding off before it became cream and would stick. I think this is just because it’s created for a face without water running on it, but if you’re fast enough to rub it all over this isn’t an issue. Also the shaving cream does smell like a man. Since Harry’s was created with men in mind that is their thing. Talking to the representative though about this and she told me they are working on creating a lighter or non scented type of cream. Harry’s is based as a men’s razor company, but they aren’t just for men at all! The razor blades and the way they talk about the company is simply to change the shaving experience, and man have they!

Something that I really appreciate about Harry’s is that you can do a subscription service where they deliver new heads to your door. For someone who is frequently on the go or forgets to buy new razors this is super beneficial. However, I’ve also seen Harry’s razor sold in Target! To me that is awesome because I like to use my razor heads for a long time. I really wear them down. By not only selling online I can buy new ones at my own timing and convince.

I started this shaving experience really hesitantly and not planning to fall in love at all. I seriously don’t think I’ll go back to a different razor ever again!

Thank you Harry’s for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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