Happy Weekend

Dear Readers, I am so sorry for my lack of involvement on this blog the last week. Life has been so busy, and my normal free time this week has not been so free. I also cannot complain about having something to do! Hopefully, I will have more content this coming week.
Dear April, Your arrival brings the end of school, and the end of my job. This makes me very sad. I am excited to move onto the next year, but it is still bitter sweet leaving the old behind.
Dear Weekend, You are very busy! I am not really looking forward to you. Here’s to hoping that some relaxation is involved.
Dear School, You are starting to get very busy. I knew this was coming and yet I still do not feel prepared. Here’s to hoping the stress does not become to bad!
Dear Life, I am really enjoying you right now! Can we stay like this for awhile? please and thank you!


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Mariah Cooke
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