Happy Weekend


Dear Friday, You cannot go by fast enough! Is my class over yet? That has been my question all day long! Please forgive my rush. I just really want to get to the fun weekend part already!

Dear Week, It flew by! I seriously don’t remember this week at all! It all went so fast!

Dear Weather, You feel like fall! I am very grateful! My plum pants, and boots only help with this feeling. I am loving it! Please do not get hot again. This 70 degrees is very nice.

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    70 is perfect for all year round. Just want the snow to stay completely away!

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      We never get snow where I am! That sounds exciting!

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    Your week was much better than mine. It seemed like every second dragged. Since I am in South Florida, the weather is always warm and toasty. 70 degrees would be pretty cool for us. I hope you continue to enjoy.


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      I'm in Southern Cali and 70 is cool for us here too. 70 is our fall. I am loving it!

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