Happy Birthday, Over The Years

Today’s the day! I am officially 20. No longer a teenager…that feels so weird! I feel somewhat old now. In magazines, on blogs, advertisements you constantly hear about in your 20’s. Well that’s me now. I’m in my 20’s! So strange.
Anywho! I was looking at my pictures, and I realized I have a lot of pictures from birthdays. Birthdays were and are something that is super special in my family, and are always celebrated in some sort of way. So here’s a montage of birthdays over the years.

The farthest back birthday picture I could find was from when I turned 14. I went bowling with that group of friends. This moment is when you look at that picture and think what the heck was I thinking with that outfit.

My 15th birthday party was kindergarten themed. We played kindergarten game and everyone had to dress like kindergartners. 

My 16th birthday has been my absolute favorite birthday ever. It is seriously one of my most fun memories, and it was with people that I absolutely love. Two of those people are my bestest friends, and still in my life today. My parents have a time share and one of them is in Anaheim right by Disneyland. My parents picked my friends, and me up from school and went there. We had two rooms (one for boys and one for girls), and the first night we walked around Downtown Disney, and then came back and played games, had cake, and opened presents. Then the next day we went to Disneyland. It was such a fun group, and easily one of my favorite birthdays!

This was my 17th birthday. I feel like this was a really large group of friends that I actually had. It was just a simple party. 

My 18th birthday was once again spent at Disneyland!

This was last year, my 19th birthday! One of my friends who moved across the country was in California for spring break. So we drove down to Oceanside and stayed down there for a night. It was so fun to be just us girls! 
Today I have class…oh the joys of being a college student. Tonight my family, sister, and best friend are headed to the beach for dinner, the sunset, and lots of adorable pictures! Then Sunday a group of my friends are going to Disneyland…ofcourse! 
I am truly blessed by family and friends! They spoil me so much!


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