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I have straight hair. Like very straight. I remember in middle school wanting my hair to curl so bad. Not to have curly hair, but those beautiful long curls were my goal and I could not get them. As I’ve gotten older my hair has changed a bit, but I’ve also learned so much about how to make straight hair hold it’s curl.

Right now waves are very in, and my curls usually fade to waves by the end of the day. When I watch someone else brush out their curls my heart dies. I could never do that! It would kill any style my hair had. So to get waves I just have to let my hair do its thing, but really I’m trying to achieve actual curls.


This first tip starts way before you want to curl your hair. If curls are your go to style, then tell your hair girl and have her layer your hair. This helps the curls last longer and lay better.


Everyone feels differently about this. “Curls last longer when your hair is dirty.” My hair is actually the opposite. I find that when I wash, blow dry, and curl all in one morning my curls hold the best. However, day 2 touch up lasts the longest. But if I curl my dirty hair nothing happens…the key is washing it and using products to setting it up for success.


For me, this starts when my hair is wet. Using some sort of gel helps my hair hold styles much better. I was using Nexxus Exxtra Defining Gel, but when I went to link it I found they don’t make it anymore. πŸ™ Another great option is Living Proof Prime Style Extender. Just find a gel that doesn’t make your hair crunchy, but does give it some body.

Before blow drying and then again before curling always protect your hair with some sort of heat protector!! The Living Proof Style Extender has it built in before blow drying, but I use this before curling.

Next prepping step is Texture. I sometimes will just hair spray my hair prior to curling, or I use a texture spray. This is basically “dirtying” your clean hair, or another way to say it is giving the curls something to grab on to. For me doing this is better than just curling dirty hair as the products help my hair hold the curls longer.


All these steps and we are just now getting to the actual styling. The two curling irons I’ve used are a Hot Tools and am currently using the GHD. I recently upgraded. I honestly find that the Hot Tools works better at making my curls last, but I can tell that the GHD is so much better for my hair.

The key while curling is to start curling at the mid section of hair, curl up to the root, hold for a second and then go down to the end and curl the entire length back up to the root. Once you release it grab the curl in the palm of your hand and hold it so it cools all bunch up in the curl. Letting the hair cool while close to the root sets the hair.

I do half my head, hairspray, curl the other half, and then hair spray the entire thing!

Day Two

Whether I am styling my hair or not, I don’t wash it every day. When I actually do curl my hair I normally try to get two or three days out of it before washing. To sleep I pull my hair up in a high pony and use a scrunchie to loosely secure it. Some people find wrapping it in a bun a helpful way to sleep. I also find my hair stays cleaner if I dry shampoo it before bed rather than in the morning.

No matter what I do my hair won’t stay super curled after day one…sadly. So in the morning I always touch it up on day two and then that lasts me another day.

I put heat spray on again, and then hair spray afterward.

Hopefully these tips help you get your curls to last. If you have any tips leave them in the comments below!


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    I love Living Proof’s range, but i’ve not tried the style extender. I have really long hair too, and the weight of my hair often makes the curls fall out before I’ve even finished curling the rest of my hair so I will definitely give it a try xo

    1. Reply

      Yes! That totally happens to me too. Having a gel like that totally helps. Same with regular trims too.

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    Great tips, I will try the Volume blast too. Your hair is perfect!


    1. Reply

      The Volume Blast totally helps! My hair can be so flat at times and it really diminishes that.

  3. Reply

    The curls are so pretty! I like how they look so natural but put together!

    1. Reply

      Aw thanks Monika!

    • Lizzie
    • February 5, 2020

    These are such great tips!! definitely saving this post for future reference <3


    1. Reply

      Thanks Lizzie. Hope they make things a little easier.

  4. Reply

    These are all great tips! I can’t wait to try them out!

    1. Reply

      Hope they help Megan!

  5. Reply

    Love these tips, Mariah! Your Instagram Story tutorial was also super helpful!! Can’t wait to give this a go this weekend.


    1. Reply

      Aw thanks for watch Rach!

    • Radi
    • February 3, 2020

    Beautiful! My hair is naturally curly πŸ™‚

    1. Reply

      My mom and sister have naturally curly hair. So beautiful!

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    Your curls are gorgeous! I’ve found that since I started coloring my hair a few months ago my curls last a lot longer for 2-3 days which is great!

    xoxo A

    1. Reply

      Yes! That totally used to happen to me when I was dying my hair too. I think it adds texture to your hair that helps it last.

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