Guest Post by Tori: Life As A Nursing Student

Can you believe that this is the last guest post? Tomorrow I will be on my way home from New York. Today’s post is from another one of my best friends Tori. If you guys want to read post # 1, # 2, or # 3 check those out!

Hi everyone! As Mariah said my name is Tori. Mariah has been a dear friend of mine for a number of years now. I’m so excited to have been asked to share something about myself while she’s in NEW YORK!!! There are so many things that I love and are special to me. A few are my Savior, my family, cold weather, tea, coffee, peanut butter, playing piano, antiques, reading, Disney…the list goes on! Yet something that is very important in my life right now is nursing, and that’s what I’m going to write a little bit about.

This semester is my first in nursing school, and has been quite a transition, to say the least. I attend California Baptist University, and am currently enrolled as a sophomore. Last year was difficult, yet I always managed to get good grades as well as have a social life. I worked very hard in order to be accepted into the nursing program and when I got my phone call, I was ECSTATIC!

However, in order to maintain good grades this year I have had to study for hours after school each day…including my weekends. I constantly have to say no to social events, and can’t spend as much time participating in frivolous activities. It is so important to really grasp the concepts presented in nursing school and not just cram in information before a test. With that, I have to study each concept a little bit each day.

Despite how much school has been draining me this year, I am absolutely loving it. This program is set up to create Godly, loving and proficient nurses who truly come alongside their patients and remain beside them on their journey towards health. I’ve spent many days in various hospitals, where I’ve already witnessed suffering, pain, and even death, but also recovery and joy. Those moments where a patient looks at me and smiles, thanks me for helping them, or asks to pray with me are the times in which I am so thankful for having chosen the path of nursing.
Even in this short semester, which is one of six that I’ll be in before becoming a nurse, I have experienced things I have never imagined experiencing. It has been a journey that I feel I was created for. 886 DAYS UNTIL I GRADUATE! But hey…who’s counting!?
What was your career path like? Did you have to study as much as I am?

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