Guest Post by Donny: Some Facts About Mariah

It is time for post # 3! This one is really special to me as you all get to hear from the one and only Donald! If you guys want to read post # 1 and # 2 while I am away go ahead and check those out!
Hello everyone!
I am Donny, Mariah’s boyfriend, or as she sometimes likes to call me “D.” The reason I’m here today is because she left me to go to NEW YORK! (but y’all already know this). I’m slightly jealous to be honest, but that is besides the point! I’m here doing this post today on Mariah and I’s relationship.

Let’s start out with how I asked her to be my girlfriend. This was a process that took 8 months before I actually asked. So it was a couple weeks before I was planning on asking her and she had sent me this picture of Tiffany earrings she wanted a few months past. After asking her parents if I could ask her out, I took her out to a nice dinner and presented her with the earrings. Needless to say she shocked!

Ever since that day, June 12, 2012, we have been going strong. Of course with every relationship there have been some rough patches but we have gotten through them so far. I’m sure we will continue to with the help of The Lord. In the time I have known Mariah, I have learned a lot of things about her.

One, she loves the Lord above all else. Two, she always real and upfront with people. Three, she is very strong willed. Lastly, she is extremely caring kindhearted and loving.

Now you all probably knew that already so here are something’s that you probably don’t know about her. Some insider secrets if you will!

1. She loves smells. Certain smells remind her of certain things. For instance I wear a certain cologne that whenever she smells it it on me she will randomly smell my shirt when she’s next to me. I know weird right, but I think it’s quite cute!

2. The way she gets excited about things. You can always tell when she is really excited! It never fails. She will get this voice and start using the word “guys” a lot. “Hey guys! I’m so excited! Guys!” Or another tell tale sign is she will get what I like to call disney eyes. Her eyes will just light up and get really big when she likes something a lot.

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3. The last thing I want to share with you is the way she laughs, which I love by the way! She will start laughing and her shoulders will start moving with her while she laughs. And when she finds something really funny she will slap her knee and move her shoulders. It’s like the laugh goes through her whole body.

Well that’s all from me until she asks me to post for her again. Thanks for reading and I hope my post has helped you all get to know her a little better!

Do you relate to her in any of these things?


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