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Graphic Tee and Blazer

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Being that the concert was on a week night you can guarantee that I wanted to wear my concert tee the next day. However, graphic tee’s aren’t the most appropriate thing to wear to work, so I had to find a way to make it more professional. Enter layering a blazer and BOOM it works! I think that’s the best thing ever that all I had to do was layer a blazer and I got to wear a tee shirt to work. So comfortable and so easy!

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    It’s always fun to wear event shirts the next day! Glad you found a way to incorporate it into your workplace dress code. Cute!

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    So cute! I work in a place where it is more acceptable but that is a wonderful way to “dress it up”!

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    Cute outfit! I’m trying to integrate blazers into my outfits more!

      • November 14, 2016

      I feel like it’s a hard adjustments. I totally understand.

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    I love blazers simply because they look adorable with everything! You totally look like you have your life together even if you don’t!

    Rachel /

      • November 14, 2016

      Right! I totally agree.

    • Emily
    • November 10, 2016

    Love this look, although I would never be able to get away with it at work.

      • November 14, 2016

      Aw really? Why?

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