Get to Know Mariah: 10 Very Random Facts

facts about me moos musing
facts about me moos musing
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Some time ago I mentioned doing a facts post since I’ve been seeing so many new faces on instagram and hopefully that means there is a lot of newbies to the blog too. I realized that other than my about page I haven’t really done anything else that would help y’all get to know me. Which feels super conceited but I want y’all to feel as welcome and homey in this little space on the internet. I also want to get to know you too! The community blogging forms is definitely one of my favorite aspects of this gig. So once you read it comment and tell me some facts about you so we can each get to know one another. Here we go!

My name is Mariah Madeliene Rickard.

I thought an obvious place to start was with my name. LOL. But there actually is a cool fact here. Something I absolutely love about my name is that it has some generational history. My middle name, Madeliene (said Mad-a-lean), is my mothers middle name as well as my great great grandmothers first name. If I end up having a baby girl one day I would hope to keep the tradition going and pass the middle name down to her. Side note: my sister’s name is Maddison, sometimes we call her Maddi, and it has no relation to my middle name at all. I get asked that a lot.

I have a ton of Broadway theater knowledge.

Speaking of my sister, she majored in theater and has been acting her whole life. She’s what we call a triple threat and can dance, act, and sing. Growing up she was rarely quiet, and has pretty much been singing since she could talk. So if ya ever wanna talk plays or what shows are up for some Tony’s I probably know a bit about it thanks to her.

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I got my degree in Graphic Design.

I myself majored in Graphic Design and while my main source of income is as a receptionist at my alma mater  I do get to use it on the side. While in school I started a small business designing greeting cards and now I also design wedding invitations. I love the one on one client interaction I get to have with brides this way.

I have had a variety of jobs in many different fields!

Trust me you ain’t ever seen a resume like mine! It is all over the place, yet somehow all connects into one. My first job was in a bookstore when I was 15, from there I worked in a daycare, and then worked on campus in college planning events. This is where the fun really started! During college is when I started my blog which taught me a ton about social media. I ended up interning at a church in their design department which eventually led to me helping run their social media. This also led to me running the universities social media too. There was a point during my senior year where I was working 4 part time gigs. It was crazy! After I graduated I didn’t want to stop event planning and with my side business I knew I wanted to work in the wedding industry so I contacted a bunch of wedding planners and started working for one in Temecula. This is by far my favorite job I’ve ever had. Wedding planning is a blast and I still do it on the side from time to time. Eventually to have a steady income I had to go to work part time as a reception at my university and now I’m full time in the job I currently work at. But I just can’t stop doing my fun side gigs so I always say I have my hands in a little bit of everything.

10 facts about me moos musing

Blush pink is my all time favorite color.

Blush, millennial pink, soft rose…all names you can call my favorite color. Millennial pink is a fairly new choice for the color and I have loved it long before you saw it in every store and house on instagram. Growing up I was by no means a girly girl but if you ever asked me my favorite color I would always say pink!

I’ve visited almost half of the United States.

I am incredibly spoiled with the opportunity to travel. My parents didn’t travel at all while each of them were growing up so when they got married they were a bit determined to take my sister and I places. Each year they use their tax return for the next years family vacation. Because of this I have gotten to go on some awesome vacations and rack up a pretty great list of states of seen. I counted and so far I’ve been to 21 states! I think now I’m determined to at least visit a full 25. Some of my favorites include New York, North Carolina, and Hawaii. Their love for travel has definitely been instilled in me. I jokingly tell them that they’ve ruined in and I can’t stay in one place long without having a trip planned.

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I’ve never lived without an animal.

….until now…Since I was born my family has had dogs and cats. Throughout my childhood we also had mice, a turtle, and plenty of fish. Now we are at 3 dogs and 2 cats. I love almost all animals (snakes don’t count as an animal.) and could seriously own a farm and be totally happy. Now that I’m moved out without an animal I am for sure getting one when I move again! If it can’t be a dog my future housemates better be ready for a cat or a bunny.

I have two random food allergies.

Pineapple and almonds. Not nuts..just almonds. I won’t die from either and I’m a huge macaron fan which normally is made with almond meal. Pineapple is the much worse culprit as well. It makes my mouth break out in sores where as almonds just make my mouth itchy. Pineapple really sucks though. I love fruit and almost any fruit platter has pineapple all mixed in and touching the other fruit. It’s such a bummer!

get to know mariah moos musing

I had knee surgery.

The summer before my senior year of high school I had surgery on my left knee. It was an awful experience and I never want to do it again. I don’t have any good story about why either. Simply put, my knee caps developed as an odd shape as I grew. Because they aren’t shaped correctly the tendon that is suppose to hold them into place does not. I played sports tons growing up, and volleyball in high school. There would be time where my knee would just give out on me and I would collapse. The doctor who did my surgery was awful! He just cut and reattached the tendon never telling me about my oddly shaped knee caps. It wasn’t until a few years later when I went to get my right knee looked at that a separate surgeon told me surgery wouldn’t help. The recovery process from the first surgery was really hard so there was no way I was going to do the other knee! I had to be in an immobilizer (keeping my leg straight) for about 10 weeks after so I lost all movement in my leg. Which is just super hard to gain back. I’m fully recovered and it’s never stopped me from doing anything but I am totally an old lady when it gets cold and my knees still swell after long days on my feet.

I’ve had a variety of different hair colors over the years and started dying it around 7 years old.

This fact always surprises people who just met me. However, if you’ve been a long time blog reader you know my hair has been a lot of different hair colors and even styles. From very blonde, to my hair always having a weird red undertone, and even bangs. My grandma was a hair dresser when we were little so starting very young we went to grandma and came home with highlights. Starting in middle school we were allowed to dye our hair and boy did I! So many colors and a few mishaps but it was always fun. Halfway through my senior year of college I dyed it closer to my natrual color and haven’t touched it since. So what you see now is all me!

Well folks! There ya have it! 10 random facts about me. Comment below and let me know some facts about you or if you relate to anything. Seriously getting to know y’all is my favorite part about the internet.

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    I loved getting to know you Mariah! I’ve always wanted to be a wedding planner! Lucky you!

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      It is such a fun job! Some days can be highly stressful but it’s always so rewarding to see everything come together in the end.

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    You are the cutest!!!!


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      Thanks friend!

  3. oh my gosh mariah. i am the event planner in my office. it is not easy! it is very fun to plan and host, but it can be challenging to get people to rsvp. happy new year!

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      I feel like RSVP’s are seriously the most unexpected hardest part of events. I don’t understand why people can’t just say yes or no!

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