Gatsby Premiere


Dear Weekend, I am so happy you are finally here! I had most of the week off and nothing to do during the day makes life really boring when your family and friends are all busy. I am finally happy to meet up and see my friends.

Dear Donny, I know you are very stressed with school, work, and ministry but I have faith in you and I know you are going to do amazing!

Dear Summer, the fact that you are upon me and I have nothing to do during the day is so not fun. All of the craft stuff is packed up somewhere and I would really love to work on my quilt!

Dear Great Gatsby premiere, I had a lot of fun! I am now ready to read the book. The movie slightly confused me since I did not know the story. But I did think that you were a great movie!

Waiting for the movie to start with my bestie!

Playing games in line!
Dear Cynthia, Thank you for saving´╗┐ me from a boring Friday night all by myself.
Do you guys have any plans for the weekend?
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