Friday’s Little Letters

Dear Friday, I am not so excited for you. I have to work tonight and tomorrow which does not make me very happy. I cannot wait for the time when Friday’s mean weekends and fun things. That time is coming soon. I look forward to it.
Dear Michael, 9 more days! We are halfway through. 9 days that you have been gone and 9 more days to go. I miss you like crazy and am oh so ready for you to come home. So come home soon Mr.Man and come home safe!
Dear Working Out, How come it always seems like I can do really good for a week and then the next week I don’t work out. Hopefully one day I can be good and consistent at being healthy.
Dear Color Me Mine, You have really pushed my buttons. I am done with you. 2 more weeks and I am out of there. My goal is simply to have a good attitude as I exit. 
Dear School, You cannot come soon enough. The joy that just thinking about working next year brings me is nothing matched to actually getting to do my job. Please hurry up. 

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Mariah Cooke
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